On the road again

Who's got the keys? Thats a question i've been asking lately, it implies a lot i think. As of late i decided to close my Grayton studio in favor of building a custom one at my house affording me to be able to travel more. i also feel the enviroment and energy of a backyard space adds another element to my work…more personal maybe. Who knows i'm always changing my mind so another gallery is not completely out. However for now i've really enjoyed the luxury of being able to hit the road with my lady and show work in different cities from Aspen, Co. to the hamptons, NY.  an aspect we plan to continue to do more frequently ( hopefully have a special surprise set up by then, "details to come") beginning in Dec. to Miami for art basel week. Also i gotta give a big thank you to the whole team at the Bruce Lurie gallery in L.A. for believing in my work and for showing me on a national and international level, you guys have been awesome. i will update the studio building process soon. Cheers J