Did you mean to do that?

Recently someone asked if i meant to put a line through my signature,  so i figured i'd address this question for my next blog entry. The short answer is yes i did......i do. First of all it might help to know that i have a tendency to be a bit of a symbolic or as my friend Dan says "cryptic" thinker,  some might say supersticious but that word sounds too O.C.D for my liking so we'll go with symbolic or cryptic for now.  If you have ever looked up close into one of my paintings you've probably noticed many symbolic gestures or references to things, and i do this in an attempt to give the viewer a clue into what i'm trying to convey without flat out saying it.  i also believe self interpretation is better than saying " this is what i meant, so you have to come to that conclusion as well.''  after all,  art is subjective. You might have also noticed words or phrases that get scribbled out, often that's me writing something personal then crossing it out for personal satisfaction- a bit of minor self therapy perhaps. So why the line in the signature?  Well here's my "cryptic" answer- the line through the name is just a personal reminder that no matter how others may see me or how many achievements i might gain, we are all one in the same.  i.e- NOBODY'S FAMOUS.

P.S. yes i realize that my 'i's' are all in the lowercase, but we'll address that at a later time.