i'm often asked many questions about my work. One of the most common questions i hear is 'how long does it take you to make a painting? Now i know that this question is probably just an ice breaker or friendly banter but it got me thinking about my process. Let me go on record by saying that i'm not interested in making work that looks identical to something (the subject matter), but rather making work that makes you FEEL something. The truth is, i'm not a "trained" artist,  i've never been to art school, let alone taken a class on color,  i'm never going to impress you with my sweet brush skills or life like renditions of a beach or the human figure, while i can appreciate artists who possess those skills- the fact is,  that's just not me. What i am after is capturing the thoughts and feelings of the human condition with images and words that make you stop and think about what's in front of you. i want to make honest work, raw work, vulnerable work, work that makes you happy, work that makes you cry, work that makes the common blue collar non artsy person say " i get that" or " you know i'm not really into art but i connect with what you do".... i want to make art that's approachable to everyday people.  So with that being said,  i've made paintings that have taken days and i've made paintings that have taken minutes.  i've made paintings that have taken way too long all to paint over it in seconds because i didn't feel anything from it myself. In the end,  i want to make work that sticks with you long after you've seen it regardless of if it took five minutes or five months to make.